Create your own Club Shop!

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Create Your Own Club Shop

Here at Winning Look we give every club or organization the opportunity to create their very own on-line shop using our tried and tested shopping template. The structure of the shop allows you to feature any number of items you want to sell as official kit or merchandise at a price you decide and including or excluding a contribution to club/organization funds.

The link to the shop can be embedded into your own web pages so that it can be accessed with one click and on the surface appears to have been created by you.

Each shop is a full merchant site – all items are paid for at check out and handled by us. A carriage charge for dispatch of goods to the purchaser is included on all transactions but if the goods are collected from our warehouse a full credit is applied back to the purchasers card.

If you are a large club, school or other organization with your own existing merchandise we can by agreement add these items to your on-line shop.



See a sample club shop

We have set up small sample club shop for WINNING LOOK FC. Follow the link to see the sample.

What will it cost

Now here’s the best bit. Provided you commit to maintain a club shop with our products for a period of 2 years we will set up the site and maintain it (and even pay commission on sales should you want to include a contribution to your organisations funds) entirely free of charge.

What’s the catch?

There is none!